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Wings of Change 

Peers Helping Peers

We claim no qualifications other than to have personally experienced the difficulty a public safety or front line worker may have in dealing with life after trauma. We advise that foremost, each person interested in attending these meetings understand that we are here simply to share, educate and listen. We suggest anyone interested in attending these meetings seek professional help concurrently. We do not make psychiatric diagnoses or dispense medications, nor do we provide religious guidance.

Group therapy

We Value Trust & Honesty

In Syd Gravel’s own words, “Trust is absolutely paramount. Without trust, no amount of listening will make any difference. Without trust no amount of encouragement will make any difference. Without trust no amount of caring will be accepted. Feeling safe, amongst safe people, to speak from the heart and soul without regrets or fears of being judged is absolutely required before anything else can be built. No one should be left behind in reaching that state.”

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We assure each participant that confidentiality is practiced. We answer only to the participants we are supporting. We do not take attendance, keep records or do case management.

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