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Peer Support

Est. 2016

About Wings of Change

Welcome to Wings of Change - Peer Support.

We facilitate peer-led, confidential, solution-based discussions addressing operational stress injuries and mental health challenges that public safety personnel and frontline workers may encounter. We explore how these challenges

impact them and their families and follow the Mental Health Commission of Canada's Peer Support Guidelines

All public safety personnel and frontline workers, as well as family members over 18 for our family meetings, are welcome to attend as often as they’d like. Participants can actively engage in discussions or simply choose to listen

and absorb the shared experiences.

Wings of Change meetings are always free of charge. We operate independently and do not accept donations or seek grants. Our in-person meeting spaces are generously provided by local organizations and businesses.

At Wings of Change, we believe in the strength of peer support. We are a community of peers dedicated to helping each other navigate the complexities of mental health and operational stress injuries.

We Refrain From

We do not participate in trauma-talk which is the discussion of details that are grotesque or intensely personal details surrounding an event. Those types of shares are best suited for the clinical setting. If trauma-talk occurs, the facilitator will mute/stop the speaker to help steer the conversation back to solution-based. 

Safe Space

Wings of Change is a trauma informed organization, and we want all our participants to feel welcome, accepted and safe in this space.


The Wings of Change community is proudly diverse, with a wide range of experiences, perspectives and backgrounds all contributing to our success. We are deeply committed to building a safe and welcoming environment for everyone. 

We respect each other’s use of pronouns, and refer to each other by these pronouns. 


For the comfort of all participants, confidentiality is a fundamental component to Wings of Change’s attraction. We do not disclose identities or comments of participants.

However, we encourage participants to discuss and share outside of the meetings on personal terms in order to combat mental health stigma.

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