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Frequently Asked Questions 

1) Do I have to register to attend a meeting?  All of our meetings are drop in. Registration is not required as we do not take attendance or provide case management. Wings of Change understands the importance of anonymity within the peer support setting and places the utmost respect on your confidentiality.  

2) Is there a cost to attend meetings?  No. Wings of Change meetings are provided at no cost to the attendees.  


3) Is there a mental health professional on site?  Wings of Change is run by peers who have experienced mental health challenges. Our model is recognized under the Mental Health Commission of Canada's Guidelines for the Practice of Peer Support within the 'Friendship: Mutual Self-Help' spectrum. Participants are encouraged to be under the care of a mental health professional in conjunction with attending peer support meetings.  


4) What is cross talk and why is it not allowed during a meeting?  Cross talk is when someone interrupts, interjects or refers to the share of another participant. We do not cross talk because several participants may have come from backgrounds and workplaces  where feelings, and perceptions were judged as wrong or defective. Each person is encouraged to share their feelings without fear of judgement. If during the meeting cross talk or trauma talk occur, the Peer Support Facilitator will address this by politely raising their hand, by making a “time out” gesture, or by using an agreed upon safe word, as a reminder to the group of the importance of fostering a safe space for all.  

5) Who can attend Wings of Change meetings?  The following community heroes are invited to participate in Wings of Change meetings: military members, healthcare professionals, paramedics, law enforcement personnel, firefighters, communications officers, search & rescue, correctional service workers, funeral service workers, animal service workers, and those in judicial and child protection services, may they be career, retired or volunteer.  

6) Can family and friends of a community hero attend?  While we would like to be able to support everyone in the community, our meetings are hosted exclusively for the community heroes.  

7) I want to support Wings of Change. How can I do so?  Wings of Change is a non-funded program that does not accept donations. We encourage people to share our website and local meeting information with those who may benefit so that we can support as many people within the community as possible.  

8) Does Wings of Change run any online meetings?  We do, please refer tocalender



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